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Imagine Beyond Foundation - Founding Team - Navnit, Navina, Anjitha, Shwetha Imagine Beyond Foundation - Founders

The founders of Imagine Beyond Foundation are a team of four students based in Dallas, Texas. (This is the group picture taken in 2015, after our offical launch)


From Left to Right - Navnit Mohan, Navina Mohan, Anjitha Nair, Shwetha Menon


As of Aug 2017,

Navina Mohan is a freshman at the UT Southwestern Medical School, Dallas.

Shwetha Menon is an undergraduate sophomore at UT San Antonio.

Anjitha Nair is a senior at Plano West High School.

Navnit Mohan is a senior at Plano Senior High School.  


Imagine Beyond Foundation Brochure 2016
Get a glimpse of our mission and nonprofit activities.
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Our Mission

The primary mission of this organization is to bring hope and help to children and adults in the United States of America, who are living under poverty, having serious illness or disabilities.


The organization shall organize activities that build their confidence, training, and hope for a better future.


The funds that the foundation raises will also be used to empower the underprivileged kids with the tools and support system needed to provide education (especially in STEAM- Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics) and training for their bright future. 


The foundation wants to nurture hope and confidence in people to imagine beyond their capabilities for the betterment of their lives.  


Our Story


All four of the founding members met one day with the hope to do something that could make a real difference in the world. We didn't know who we wanted to help out or how, but our wish to help our community in any way we could, was good enough. That is how the Imagine Beyond Foundation started, from our discussions in 2014.


We brainstormed areas of "special needs" and also thought of our past volunteering events. Special needs didn't necessarily mean helping poor people. The term "special needs" can mean many things. That is when one of us mentioned autism and spoke about working with autistic kids in the school through a Physical Education program. And that's when we all came to a consensus that we wanted to help autistic children. It is one of our many plans for our organization.


We have a dream that with the adequate help and support, we can make children and adults with special needs witness a new world beyond the limitations of their disability. We hope you can help us make this dream a reality.


Our organization has been granted 501(c)3 Public Charity status by the Internal Revenue Service. Please follow this link to their website for our eligibility status. Check using "Imagine Beyond Foundation" , "Plano", & "TX".   Since we are a small non-profit with annual revenues less than $50,000, we are required to file form 990-N only. Please email us if you need any further details.


All members of Imagine Beyond Foundation including founders and annual/event leadership teams are voluntary positions.




Please use laptop or desktop for making donations online, if your mobile browser doesnot show Donate Now button below.




Bylaws & Forms


We have listed all the bylaws documents of our non-profit organization and the forms needed to start a chapter and volunteer with us, in this page.


 Click here to go to Bylaws & Forms page.  As of August 28, 2016, the chapter individual membership application form has been updated to include the volunteer release form.


Please email us at for any questions.

How to Find Us

Imagine Beyond Foundation

Tax - exempt, 501(c)3 public charity non-profit organization
PO Box 262632

Plano, Texas 75026-2632

Phone: 469-423-0196 469-423-0196


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